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December 26, 2011


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Oh, I am so sorry you were not feeling well. For 2 reasons. First because it's not fun to think of anyone ill and second because I wanted FULL PHOTOS of all the Christmas doings around there...I look forward to that each year! So, one not selfish reason can sort of balance out the selfish one, right? lol Your table is so pretty with all the decor...your guests (and both of you) must just really enjoy seeing that and sitting down to a meal and conversation at the table with all the good things you prepare...very nice for everyone. You have a way of making everything so special. What new cookbooks did you get? Always love hearing what cookbooks everyone is cooking from. Thanks for the photos...always fun to come visiting and see them! Looks like (despite the illness) it was a really wonderful day.


I am sorry to hear you had a Christmas cold Jerry. Not the gift you were hoping for I am sure. Despite that it sounds like memories were made, but perhaps with the cocktails you may not remember...wink.

sandi @the whistlestop cafe

"a signed copy of David Rocco's new cookbook"
Just the thought makes me tingle. (yes tingle... not tinkle)
I am sorry for the offensive comment on facebook. I indeed have never seen reindeer poo~ so I really don't know.


you know Kayte - I rarely get food pictures from Christmas dinner. I wonder if I am just so tired by then that I just don't care/ By the time one gets 9 different bowls/platters of food ont eh table pics are the last thing on one's mind. Our guests were taking lots so perhaps they will share.

You're right Bellini - parts of the day are a blur. I shall blame the fever . . . it couldn't have been the cocktails.

It's a beautiful book Sandi. I was a happy guy to get it. Your facebook comment made me and everyone at the dinner table ('cause I told them) laugh! We all agreed that for reindeer poop it was mighty tasty.


Looks festive and fun despite the cold. Feel better. The tots will cure you!


Illness aside, it looks like a fantastic Christmas (and a fantastic menu!) And everyone, cats included, look quite pleased.

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