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January 27, 2012


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Looks great...I love farro...I cannot understand why farro does not get more press and is not used more, it is so delicious!

Cindy Ruth

I will have to give this one a try. I love farro. Unfortunatley, it is so expensive. I can get it through my CSA (well, it air ships from Washington, so not really a CSA in my opininion), so that is good, as it is hard to find otherwise. I just ordered a bag of it mixed with wild rice. I think I'll have to order a plain bag of it to try this recipe. I need to pay more attention to my Cooking Light.


With such high accolades from Pul this must be tried Jerry. I must emit to never having tried farro though.


I bet it is because it is so darn expensive and hard to come by Kayte. American farmes have so many incentives to grow other crops instead.

LOL @ Cindy - I wondered how your CA could eb a CSA - I thought it was all grown in greenhouses. I agree, if it flies up from Washington it is NOT a CSA. LOL

You'll have to look for some in Italy Belini - often it is used in a salad or soup.

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