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January 01, 2012


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Wow! What a feast! I would have loved all that cheese and chocolate!


Happy New Year to you! I also began the new year rested and not hungover; I hope the Mayans give me some Brownie points for my maturity, LOL.

Yes, it seems like only yesterday that we were fretting about Y2K!

Here's to peace, good will towards all!


Wow, all that is just wonderful. Another friend was doing fondue as well and made a cheesecake fondue for the dessert portion...I had never heard of that one so that was interesting. Yours all look wonderful and wonderfully coordinated as well. I'm thinking I should do a fondue round soon for ballgame watching day one weekend in the very near future...probably going to steal a lot of your ideas, just so you know. Love the little Santa sitting on the sideboard, he's so cute like that. Tablesettings beautiful as always!


Looks wonderful, Jerry -- that Mexican chocolate souffle cake has me drooling.

I hope that you and Paolo and the cats have a wonderful 2012. Perhaps I'll see you here in Roma this year!


There seems to be somehting special about celebrating the new year with cheese and chocolate Nancy!! *smile*

Thanks Annie - fingers crossed for more Mayan goodwill.

Kayte - I've never heard of a cheesecake fondue - that sounds interesting.

The cakes turned out really well Sandra - love the mix of cinnamon and pepper with the chocolate. MMMM You should see me in Rome this year, not sure about Paolo with Zellers closings and stuff.

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