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January 02, 2012


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sandi @the whistlestop cafe

I would like world peace.


All good things to be getting in hand, I need to jot a couple of these down and paste up on the refrigerator as a reminder! After 20 years in this house we have decided to downsize now that the boys are gone and today we began the process of decluttering for downsizing, yikes. We started with the Christmas decor...went from 20 boxes (don't gasp, breathe!) down to 9...I consider that progress. I love your writing assignments past for the NYresolutions for pet or celeb, very clever. I think my biggest resolution this year is to try to get things in hand re Alex and stay on top of things better. I was hoping to include Flavors again, not sure...but sure enjoying all of the posts you are all doing! Happy New Year to you and Paul.


They sound like good goals, Jerry! I need to make them my goals too. Happy 2012!


Wouldn't we all Sandi. LOL

Downsizing is hard Kayte. I managed to toss out more than 100 magazines the otehr day. Paul, who does the garbage, was NOT impressed.

Happy New Year to you as well Nancy! We're looking forward to seeing you in February.

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