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January 25, 2012


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I can't wait to be in Positano and see this pottery for myself. The cooking school I decided upon gives us a commemorative plate from Vetri.


Gorgeous bowl...actually it could just sit there and look gorgeous as far as I was concerned, it need never do a moment's work in it's entire life! So very pretty. The little plaque you had made is charming as well. Now...of course you know what I am going to ask next: What did MOM get??? lol


Beautiful and I love the plaque! And..second Kayte's question.


I love that teacher plaque! Great choice and decision to have it made. Plaque / Sign-envy here!

The footed bowl is gorgeous!


You'll have a great time exploring the various shops bellini. One of the things is to ask where they clay for the pottery comes from . . . if they do a tour of the workshop look at the boxes you see laying about. if it comes from China go somewhere else - QUICKLY (our guide taught us this).

Kayte - mom got a biscotti jar and an oil/vinegar/salt/pepper set.

I was a bit worried Jane, opening the box I had visions of YOUR experience when you had pieces shipped home.

We'd need a female version for you eden!

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