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January 08, 2012


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Looks really good. I wish Paul would come here and cook Asian as I never feel I am any good at it. The most I could offer in fair trade would be homemade breads as you have me beat in all other areas of baking/cooking. Congrats on 5 years of blogging...I have been reading/enjoying it for four! While you have been decluttering there, I have carefully packaged up, written up, done everything I can think of that would net my trip to the Post Office tomorrow morning a sort of "WHEW" I am now caught up with all things needing to be posted off to others feeling, so thank you for your patience. Guess then I need to start the downsizing process for the big move. Yikes. lol


This seems like the perfect way to start the new year by decluttering and going through all those recipes in out wish box. Good choice. jerry.


Kayte, Kayte - you sell yourself short!!! I don't know anyone who can tackle the challenges in the kitchen that you do and achieve such brilliant results!

I'm going to need a lot of years to clear them out bellini - now if I can make sure I don't get any more in the mean time . . .

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