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January 05, 2012


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Barb Cabot

Bravo! I'm going to do the same. Inspiring. One drawer, one closet at a time...


I desperately need to follow in your de-cluttering footsteps. You have inspired me!

PS - Check your entry title.


That is a good start. Amazing how fast things build up!


Thanks Nancy - all better now! :-)

I think de-cluttering would be a whole lot easier if I were to take a few months off of work. This is hard labour!


I want to do the cluttering but I am way too lazy to even start and Lord knows this place needs it! You are amazing!


Jerry, I started de-cluttering last year and do you know what? I'm not done! I started with under every sink, moved on to the pantry, and now I'm working on the closets. What a great feeling…..I hope to constantly de-clutter simply from the way that it helps me feel about my surroundings! I hope that you enjoy the process and results too.


Eden - you'll have all of the time in teh world soon. LOL

Roz - I could spend an entire year and still not be done as well!!! I haven't contemplated doing the basement. ARGH

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