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January 13, 2012


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Wow, this was a great read! My family made their own sausages when I was growing up so our process was somewhat similar, without the KA. I miss that sausage as it was a specific mixture and it was just the way we all liked it...the ones I buy now just aren't the same deal. Sigh. Not sure I want to hunt down the recipe from whichever sibling has custody and do this again, but after reading your post, maybe. RIP KA...sigh...mine died after a batch of Challah...but it was resurrected for $80 and worth it as the mechanisms in the older ones are metal and some of them are plastic in the newer models. Having more power, however, would be worth that for your needs there...and that red sure is spiffy! Great post and photos of it all.


I am so impressed! I think you should make some at my house whilst I am at work! On second thought...I already replaced my i-Phone this week, and cannot afford a new Kitchen Aid! We will go out for Cacio e Pepe pizza instead!


Holy moly! What an undertaking; I'm very impressed! Too bad about the KitchenAid but it died in a good cause.

I'm now craving sausages....I think I'd better go buy some, tho. I'm far too lazy to try to make my own!


Oh my God... This sucks really. But stil I get Italian Sausage recipe from your post. Thanks for that. :)


I debated having it repaired but them really anted more power. This trusty beast strained so often when it was mixing cookie dough even. I bet the new one will make short work of it indeed.

You sure don't want me anywhere near your appliances Palma!

If I lived in Rome where good sausages were readily available Sandra I bet I wouldn't try making my own!

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