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January 10, 2012


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sandi @the whistlestop cafe

I am more interested in planning your downtime.
I think you need to plan a trip to Alabama... or better yet ~ let's meet at the beach.
A real beach!


Beautiful photos...nothing like Christmas in New York for holiday decorations! Seems so strange to think of all those people out of work because a store is bought by another, couldn't they just employ those people as well? On the other hand, being able to travel during holidays might be nice as well.


I'd go crazy at a beach Sandi - I am the opposite of a beach person.

I think that they'll try and bring back as many as thye can Kayte but they have to gut the store, remodel, expand, etc before it can become a Target. That is a lot of down time for folks.


You are right, that is a lot of down time for people. Sigh. Hope it all works out that most of them can find employment there.

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