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February 25, 2012


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Good one! They can definetely (sp?) be LOUD!


Love it!! And yes, they are LOUD!!
Here's My Photo


Oh, I love seals, what a fun take on the theme!!


Loud, but a good loud. When we visit S.F. we enjoy listening to the sea lions.


Fun take on the theme! And yes, appreciate your thoughtfulness in not sharing your cold with us! lol

Sue St Clair

Yes they are loud!!! Great take on the loud theme :) Hope you feel better soonly!


oh, what a lovely sight. :-) i wish i could see them in person to hear them.


Wonderful shots and a great take on the theme.


Very cool take on the theme! :)

Hope you've recovered from your cold: it really does seem to be the season for it!

sandi @the whistlestop cafe

I've seen them... and they too have a barking cough.
~ hope y'all are feeling better!


Thanks for popping by on photo hunt Saturday!

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