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February 09, 2012


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Wow! What a haul! Heavy suitcases, I bet.

It was so nice to see you and Paul again. Such fun!


Oh my! You had a shopping frenzy ... is the variety, the prices, the hunt?


Oh, I just love these posts about what you bring back from your trips, I look at it all very carefully and figure it all out and make note of what I must try to find and try! It looks like you had a great time shopping for it all. Thanks for sharing, always fun. And, btw, I was exhausted just reading what all you did when you landed at home...goodness you have a lot of energy to get things done quickly!

Barb Cabot

Well done YOU! You are a shopper extraordinaire!


What a haul Jerry! So many interesting foods from California.


Sounds like some great finds! And maybe the TSA officials thought they were saving you from yourself when they confiscated the super-cheap vino!


Very heavy suitcases nancy - in fact, I had to get the handle of one repaired after it broke off. :-)

memehune - generally it is the wonderful thinsg that we are unable to get at home more than anything else.

That post was JUST for you Kayte. ;-0

I've had lots of practise Barb.

For sure belini - lots of great cooking lays ahead with these wonderful ingredients.

I bet theyw ere Sandra - it was nice of them to clean the crap out of the luggage!

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