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March 30, 2012


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This is going on my list for this weekend, we love, love, love Greek food/flavorings and this looks perfect with the Quinoa, which we also happen to love. Thanks for the recipe, I like your version just fine and it looks just beautiful in that gorgeous bowl. I think I could just cook from your blog and be perfectly happy, to be truthful and honest and all. :-)


This is an idea that I love Jerry. Healthy and flavourful comes to mind.


I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did Kayte. We had leftovers again last night and it was even better. I'd be happy with just a big bowl of this for supper!

Yup - after all the travelling and work craziness recently bellini I need some helthy and flavourful food!

Barb Cabot

Thanks for this. I'm going to try and also pass on to my two daughters.


You're welcome Barb, I bet they appreciate how healthy AND tasty it is. :-)

Barbara Skinner

I'm trying to get into the quinoa habit and this looks like a great recipe - thanks!

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