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August 01, 2012


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The name aside I can attest to the fact that these are truly delicious! I made them a while back and simply loved them! Glad you had the taste test too and they are Paul approved.


All I can really say is YUM - I would have this over the best steak anytime

sandi @the whistlestop cafe

I will let a slyder slide...
beacuse I am also a firm believer that anything in a martini glass is a martini.


Now that is a fine point Sandi. I should just let it go then shouldn't I?

I agree giz - far better than a big ol' steak!

I was shocked at the Paul approval on these bellini - perhaps the taste buds are growning . . .


Oh, I want to make these, and especially those pickles!! LOL on Paul and the mustard...I just counted, we have 17 different kinds of mustard in the frig at the moment...this is a mustard-loving household, we pick up jars everywhere to try. Paul would not be happy allocating that much space to it all. We just returned from the beach (the idea being that none of us would do anything but relax this week...I'm not all that great at relaxing as you can imagine, I don't sit still well, so the beach is a bit of a stretch for me as I can't read on the beach for some reason), I had to laugh at your description of a beach vacation...ditto.


It's funny Kayte - for we are a mustard loving house as well - he just doens't know it. People are always giving us mustards as gifts. I add it when I am cooking on a regular basis. I just have to keep from slathering it excessively on his sandwiches!

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