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August 23, 2012


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Okay on the diet thing, I won't say what I was going to say. Oh, heck, I will say it anyway...that looks fabulous and I really think you should devote a little more time to baking things like this...you can use half size pans or quarter size pans, really, and the process is just so satisfying (and delicious). Okay, forget I said that, back on the scale. It really does look beautiful and what a great way to celebrate a birthday!


Well, I did make a lovely mixed berry gazpacho for dessert tonight. Rather than bake cookies I went to a trusted bakery and bought 4 or 5. As it was it was all I could do to keep Paolo away from them last night.


Jerry, I drool every time I think about this cake. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have lost all the weight I need to because come my birthday I AM BAKING THIS CAKE!!!! I'm going to TRY to share it, but no promises will be made!


I know the feeling barbara - we're trying to behaves these days ourselves and it isn't eay. this cake would be a great goal to pla cein front of yourself.

I bet you do share though because it is so rich a little goes a long way. :-0


Jerry, this cake was the star of my birthday party. EVERYONE loved it, and I've given the recipe to several people! thanks!

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