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August 25, 2012


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WOW! I want to try that! Even though I just had my dinner, I couldn't help going for my chocolate bars after seeing the PH posts this week, haha....


That looks delicious and you are correct about needing a warning for this theme. So many delicious temptations.

Sue St Clair

Looks so yummy! The one I posted is on Roncy near High Park :) Happy weekend and chocolate!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Yum ~
I am settled in with my cup of coffee... I'm looking forward to visiting lots of chocolate sites today!

Ryker's Boyz 'n' Allie

We are now TOTALLY convinced that when people say chocolate is bad for cats, it's because they're trying to keep the good stuff for themselves. What's better than a chocolate REAM product? YUM! Ours is up too, but it's a slightly different take on the word....


Hey there, I tried to comment several times on your blog, being directed to "Google" so just wanted to let you know that 'thanks for stopping by on the issue of crepe mytles" and that ANY time you;d like to make a visit to the AMerican South, you're more than welcome in my home!!!!!!


That looks so rich and good.


Thanks for popping by on photo hunt saturdaay. I shall do my best to eat plenty of nice chocolatte gelato when I am in italy in december. Sure you don't wnat ice cream in the winter but when in Italy . . .

Glad that you made it through finally Roz! Don't you just love technology!

If I do make it south I had better schedule it properly to avoid hurricanes! ARGH

Çorlu Matbaa

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