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August 03, 2012


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cooking Light does it again. I grew a few types of heirlooms in my garden but could find the variety of plants I was looking for. Maybe next year!


Or else find a nice farmer who grows all sorts of different varieties! It works for me.


I am going to need to play around with this whole stacking deal...I haven't ever ventured forth on those recipes as it seemed difficult to eat them, maybe a little messy, but that said, I am planning to dissect this one and see how it goes...it looks really impressive and delicious.


Yup - the eating can be messy and the stack doens't last log as a stack. It looks impressive and then boom - a mess on a plate. A tasty mess to be sure. *smile*


I practiced the stacking and it looked slightly okay for a moment or two...I need more practice! But I am determined to keep playing around with this stacking idea...thanks for the inspiration! It might be my new thing around here for a bit...lol.


You make me smile Kayte. I can never get the stack to last much longer than a plate presentation and a photo. If you find the secret do tell!

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