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September 07, 2012


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Wow...what fun it would be to play with that all weekend and beyond! Is that some of that great flatbread from that bakery you mentioned before? It looks like it might be...I want THAT! :-) Actually, I want all of it. Those tomatoes are amazing.

Michele Harrison

You are an inspiration to us all. This summer, we have tried to buy only from the local Farmers Market or at Longos as long as the signs says grown in Ontario. Thanks again for your postings. The recipes are fabulous. As are the trips and other topics you comment on.



I know kayte - I have no idea what I am going to do with them all. I just can't control myself.

I was shocked a few weeks ago Michele when people were buying peaches at longos when they were from the US. Come one folks, it isn't hard to get local ones and support local farmers! ACK


I do the same thing - come home from the market with so much stuff. it's fun to try to figure out what to do with it though. :)


Now that the season is wonding down a bit I am more restrained Annie. Mind you, I'd rather the restraint was just that and not the coming of winter. SIGH

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