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February 06, 2013


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This has to be my favourite salad of the moment Jerry. I have however never used lemon segments. Amalfi lemons and Meyer lemons with their sweet flavour would be perfect for this. Thanks for bringing it to the table!


I really, really need to try fennel as a main playing ingredient in a salad, rather than just a simple spice added to a recipe. Love how you chose to use lemon-infused olive oil instead. I tasted some when on the Amalfi coast and it was fabulous! Is this you in the demonstration video? Kudos! Loved it!

Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie)

I love fennel, too, and the Meyers are definitely sweeter. Would be great in this salad.


That looks delish. I love the flavor of fennel and citrus... Just the thing!


This. Looks. Wonderful. My passion for anything lemon would be happy to have this coming to the table...fennel and lemon, what a great match. Bookmarking it. Thanks.


So sorry to be llate coming to the table, Jerry! I'm certainly glad I came, though! Fennel is a new vegetale for me, as I have just discovered it in the past year ... the use of lemon segments intrigues me as that tartness is just so eye-opening. The dressing seems to mellow things out beautiully! Nice dish!


This really was a simple salad to make and it tastes to fresh and delicious. I made it for the third time last night for company and they loved it as well.

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