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June 04, 2013


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michele Harrison

Just started the book and am having fun using Google to look at images of Florence as they come up in the story. You are correct, it does make one think about returning to Florence.
just returned from the Amalfi Coast, For the last 10 days of the trip we rented an apartment in Positano and fell in love with another part of Italy. Did not spend much time in Naples except for city centre, the palaces, the water front and the museum so couldn't call on your expertise. We will be back at some point though!


Hey Jerry, I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed this book, I'll put it on my must-read list! Some day I would like to tour the Vasari corrider; I've always been intrigued by it!


Michelle - as much as I know I should not enjoy trash literature I just enjoy reading the descriptions of the places I enjoy so much!

I have decided that the Vasari corridor is a required stop on my ext trip to Italy Sandra!

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