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June 29, 2013


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interesting. it's always the glasses that complete the appeal of these beverages. :) nice take.

Michele Harrison

Hi Jerry. . What a great place for a conference. will add to the never ending list!
I wanted to let you know that i usually access your blog using my Mac book and Chrome as the access point. For the past few days i get the following message.

Danger:Malware ahead. Google Chrome has blocked access to this page on

Content from www.gruenetexas.com a known malware distributor ,has been inserted into this web page.

The message goes on to say that my mac will be infected if i proceed and tells me about malware. Thought you should know, i usedTom,s ipad and logged in via vpn and did not have a problem



The Texas Tuna Margarita looks really nice! Hope it tasted good too. :b


Michelle - I suspect it is just reacting to the post I did that featured Gruene Texas.Now that it has moved further down on the page I bet it is not an issue any longer.Darn spam!

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