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September 16, 2013


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I much prefer a savoury cheese scone over something sweet, even for breakfast. These sound wonderful Jerry.


I love savory scones! It's time to start using my oven again. Fresh tomato soup and scones....


These savory scones look delicious. My first thought was that the whole reason I like to eat scones is so I can have somewhere to park a bit of jam...so I wasn't certain that this would work with these, but I think some cranberry jam would be perfect with these...or that DH tomato chutney I made last week, that would be great with these as well. Scones are relatively easy...probably should mark these to try, shouldn't I? Okay...I will.


I am with you on that one bellini - savoury over sweet almost every time in my books.

MM - I have never tried making fresh tomato soup Katie -perhaps I should before the decent tomatoes are gone.

Funny Kayte - even when I eat sweet scones I NEVER add jam . . . a drenching of butter but that is about it.

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