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November 06, 2013


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Do tell Jerry. As for these patties it is hard to believe they are so light they are just pack with flavour.


I love love love Asian food, so I just know these would be GONE from my plate quickly ... this is such a great recipe, Jerry!

As for the political chumps ... I am beginning to think that poor behavior is a political pitfall for most of our elected officials ... ugh. And no one country has a monopoly on jerks ...

Karen (Back Road Journal)

Your little pork patties sound wonderful as I'm sure your whole meal was.


Thanks Karen - the rest of the meal will appear eventually. LOL

They really were full of deliciousness bellini.

You're right Susan - no one has a monopoly on jerks. It does seem that there are more these days then there used to be. Perhaps I am just getting more jaded.

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