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December 18, 2013


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michele Harrison

I do often think to myself when I read your posts that you have an amazing amount of energy. Working full time and all that entails is enough to fill a day on its own when combined with keeping a household running.

Good that you have other interests in your life to balance this.

I know this is a temporary blip but please make sure to find time to sit and relax with a glass of wine.


All very legitimate points! Christmas here in Rome seems so much easier (mind you, everything is easier without snow and cold.) Also, not having a car makes life a lot simpler - here in Rome, that is. Where you are, a car really is a necessity. But when you live in a city, it does simplify things, to have the luxury of walking almost everywhere.

Hope to see you here again next Christmas!


Sandra -if only Paul was not a retail worker. SIGH

Michelle - that is the secret I think - having calming outlets. I do not know how those who are unable to relax manage it.

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