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December 28, 2013


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Sue St Clair

Beautiful, but deadly! We lost our power early Sunday morning and came back on Christmas Eve. We were lucky. We live near High Park so many large ancient trees and above ground wires. All the best for 2014, and hopefully less deadly storms for our neck of the woods. Sadly I do think its a sign of the times and that with climate change these types of weather are going to be more of a norm.


Ice storms are so beautiful although dangerous too. Great shots!

Hootin' Anni

Wow...bad ice storm indeed!!! I'm sure not one to be wanting to go out and drive in that....stay home and safe!! [it's probably gone by now, huh?]

Beautiful tho!!!

Happy New Year.


Beautiful shots and shimmer! hope the power is back now... Happy New Year!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Glad you were able to stick close to home... I wouldn't want to get out in that shimmery ice!
Happy New Year y'all!


These photos take me back to my time in Wisconsin. So beautiful to look at -- but at the same time, I also am happy that the days of experiencing super cold weather are behind me now! :)


Thanks for popping by on photohunt Saturday!

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