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April 02, 2014


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I would so love to give this glaze a try Jerry. Thank you for choosing such a delectable theme and bringing another delicious dish to the table.


Sounds good. Wow, we need to be thinking about Easter dinner already, time flies. I'm with you, it's not Easter dinner without a ham. :-) I'm eager to see what other dishes appear that I can "borrow" as well.


A little for the ham and a little for the cook ;-)
Can't go wrong!


It must be amazing with bourbon in it. ;) All it takes for me to fall in love with a recipe is for there to be some booze in it! Your ham looks and sounds delicious. We won't be doing an Easter dinner this year since its just Grumpy and me but maybe this can be a Christmas Ham too!


Funny thing- we've decided that we are having lamb this year as our lamb hating friends are out of town for Easter. LOL Since it will just be mom, Paul, and I we're having some delicious lamb chops or rack of lamb. MMMMM

It is a good thing that I got my ham 'fix' in with this.

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