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October 09, 2014


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Michele Harrison

We just got home last night from Lagrasse France. What a great base for exploring the Languedoc Rousillon region. The three plus weeks sped by.

Have been keeping up with your comings and goings while in France and this posting especially had Tom and I in a fit of laughter. We can see this playing out in our family.

This past May, we drove through Bavarian for a couple of weeks with some friends. We decided to rent two cars so we could keep them on the smaller side. We didn't realize until we picked up the car that our friends did not have a GPS, cell phone, or a map and intended to follow us. Well I am sure you can imagine what happened! Alls well that ends well though.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Paul and your mom and sister.



That made me smile Michele. It is nice to commiserate about travel 'fun'. LOL You're right - in the end it all works out . . . but at the time. . . .ACK!!!

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