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December 08, 2014


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peppylady (Dora)

I don't see any snow. Last weekend there was two craft show and lot vendors were selling a lot of items.
Tell your mom "Happy Birthday"

Coffee is on


Nice outing! I never realized this before, but your mom and my dad have the same birthday, although not the same year, his was in 1933, so he would have been 81 this year. Happy Birthday to your mom!


We don't often have snow until after Christmas Dora - Ithink it is the moderating impact of Lake Ontario.

Kayte - I can't help but think of how odd it must have felt for those December 7th babies to share their birthday with Pearl Harbor. Sort of how September 11th babies must feel in this generation . . .


You are right about that Pearl Harbor birthday sadness, I know my dad always said it was hard to feel happy and celebrate that day. And yes, September 11 follows those same sentiments. I guess through the years it has been rather nice for me (history lovers that we are here at our house) to think first of my father's birthday and then second of Pearl Harbor. Not lessening it's importance, but focusing on my first feelings for the day first. Something like that. I hope you find that as well.

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